13 Jan 2011


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13 Nov 2009

Build Money and Wealth Online Now by Rocky S. Brewer

HOW TO WORK ONLINE --------------------------------------------------- By working online, you can benefit in many ways. With the ongoing recession, you lost the comfort zone feeling which you always maintain in relation to your job. Even if you are now gainfully employed, it is still better to plan another source of income. Today, people talk a lot about the global crisis and its adverse effects in your economic life. It paints a bleak picture of what will happen to your means of livelihood in the near future. What is your plan B? What if, it is your turn to do the exit next time? Or your company decides to fold up? Searching for another employment is out of the question. Cybernet has come to the rescue by providing opportunities in easing economic crisis.

WHAT DOES WORKING ONLINE MEAN? --------------------------------------------------- To work online, you are have to have a your computer and a internet connection. Working online is a job or employment done at home.

WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES IN ONLINE EMPLOYMENT? --------------------------------------------------- > By working at home, there is no boss to monitor what you are doing and you do not need to perform other tasks. > Your work at home salary is paid on the 15th and 30th of the month via PayPal or other reliable money service. The amount of which will depend upon the work you are doing or based on the standard paid for online jobs. > No experience is required with most online jobs. In many instances, you will be provided with training or with easy step-by-step instructions on what your job will entail. > The online employment work can be easy and quick. If you are efficient and can keep deadlines in submitting your assignments, you are guaranteed continuous work from home.

> Network marketing - You will be selling products and services and at the same time. You will also need to organize your own sales force and for every sales of your member, you get extra commission. This is a low risk type of occupation and only need your sales charisma. Telemarketing - Your only activity is to sell a product or service on line. This is an amazing way to earn and it gives you rich potentials.

HOW CAN YOU TELL IF THIS HOME JOB IS A SCAM OR LEGITIMATE? --------------------------------------------------- Avoid all work from home listing that offers wealth, instant financial success, get rich quick lines and promises a high income within a short period of time, these impossibilities cannot be for real. It is legitimate if it states clearly the payment policies as the amount of the salary, commission, days of payment and others. Legitimate work from home job also maintain a permanent website.

4. WAYS TO START AN ONLINE BUSINESS --------------------------------------------------- Many success stories come from people doing online business. Starting an online business can be easy to begin and you can do it even if you have a full time job. The best part about creating your own business is that you will be your own boss and you can determine your own working schedule.

FAST FACTS ABOUT RUNNING AN ONLINE BUSINESS: --------------------------------------------------- Persistence, consistency, taking the initiative to try new methods, and the willingness to give wholehearted efforts. These positive attitudes are your bridges to success. Expectation to achieve wealth fast, laziness, procrastination, over-anxiety, frustration and fear of failure. A detailed plan for execution and how to go about organizing your business are provided. There is no perfect business and there will always be short comings, learn to live by them.

WHAT ARE THE DISADVANTAGES OF WORKING ONLINE? --------------------------------------------------- You could then use your free time to go out and socialize with your friends and visit places. To remedy this problem, change your life style especially your sleeping habit. Your full time job is usually from 8 to 9 hours requirement from Monday through Friday unlike some work from home positions. If you live across the continent, your working from home hours will likely be the reverse of time at home.

TIPS FOR MARKETING AFFILIATES --------------------------------------------------- Later, there are also secondary affiliate participants:the affiliate marketing agency, super affiliate and specialized 3rd parties. With affiliate marketing, you will receive large commissions just by referring customers to some good quality products or services. There are 4 core players actively involved:the merchant, the network, the publisher and the consumer. Affiliate marketing is a innovative way of earning and doing business easily. One of the best opportunities using your computer to build extra income is through affiliate marketing.

HERE, YOU WILL REFER ONLINE SURFERS TO A SELECTION OF PRODUCTS OR SERVICES AND IN RETURN, YOU ARE REWARDED WITH YOUR AFFILIATE COMMISSION. YOU WILL FOLLOW THIS PROCEDURE --------------------------------------------------- > An affiliate program is the software platform which brings an affiliate (people working to earn money) together with the merchant (a company who is looking to sell products online). > A potential new customer looks at the affiliate's website. An action, such as clicking, results in the viewer entering the website. > The affiliate agrees to promote a merchant's goods on a website.

TIPS:FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE GUIDELINES FOR SUCCESSFUL MARKETING ONLINE. --------------------------------------------------- Choose a product or service that you know or are familiar with. Get a top-level domain (TLD), use a name and some cheap but reliable hosting. Be wary of parasites or scums that try to redirect, overwrite and intercept your visitors. Your niche must contain from 3 to 4 merchants, not just one. Data sites are limited in just giving pure product, data, prices, images and descriptions used to promote the products. Educate yourself by learning as much as you can about it. Use a lot of banners in your website to attract attention to the product. Report them to the authorized website. Do not quit or give up if your first try is a failure.

1. FACTS ABOUT AFFILIATE MARKETING: --------------------------------------------------- Each time, someone uses your search engine and gets good results, you earn affiliate commission. Google and Yahoo searches are 30 people searched related.

AFFILIATE MARKETING VERSUS INTERNET MARKETING. --------------------------------------------------- Affiliate marketing and internet marketing are similar but not identical.

PROS AND CONS OF AFFILIATE MARKETING: --------------------------------------------------- Negatively, affiliate marketing is not easily scalable and you have the follow step-by-step procedures.

LEARN ABOUT PROFIT MIRACLE --------------------------------------------------- By using Profit Miracle, you are able to save time and effort in researching for the products your self. Profit Miracle is based on some successful niches, it is capable of creating extraordinary, original and unique articles. Profit Miracle contains a generator which provides unique articles from using your inputted keywords. As soon as the Profit Miracle system is activated, this machine starts generating income for you. You are required to have a computer and a internet connection. Profit miracle is not a rehashed over used method that has been fully saturated.

BENEFITS IN USING THIS THE PROFIT MIRACLE SYSTEM. THERE ARE MANY ADVANTAGES YOU CAN GAIN, ONCE YOU ACTIVATE THE PROFIT MIRACLE SYSTEM: --------------------------------------------------- > You simply relax and watch the money come flowing in or you can go on vacation and still see the money in your account when you get back > You only need to wait for the activity and the results will start instantly as you copy the articles. > In this kind of work, you only search for the things you like. > You do not need to be an expert in websites because it is very simple to set up.

WHERE DID THE SYSTEM GET ITS NAME, PROFIT MIRACLE? --------------------------------------------------- Profit Miracle is income generated by traffic resulting from one article. In the Profit Miracle system, you just choose and then activate. Since the Profit Miracle system simply promotes other people's products, it does not need an inventory. The more the Profit Miracle machine is used, the more traffic is generated from the search engines and big websites. More research was conducted to perfect the Profit Miracle automation system. Use Profit Miracle the machine campaigns by copying exactly the same campaign that insures the same top dollar results. Now it is fully controllable in terms of generating profits and handling traffics, thus the codename Profit Miracle.

THIS BRAND NEW TECHNOLOGY MAKES USE OF THREE STEPS: --------------------------------------------------- > Watch the money machine go and then sit down and wait for results. > Activate the traffic creator/article submitted.

Profit Miracle helps people come out of their recession-mentality. The Profit Miracle system is recession proof and it is rather recession reversing.

DAILY PROFIT MIRACLE SALES SNAPSHOTS: --------------------------------------------------- > Monday, June 1 4,289. > Saturday May 23 3,230. > Saturday May 30 5,159. > Friday May 29 3,161. > Sunday May 24 2,158. > Tuesday, June 2 3,289. > Friday, June 5 5,308. > Sunday May 31 4,784.

CREATE A GOOD NICHE. --------------------------------------------------- > Picture the customers' worldview, your perspective for the customers and identify their concerns. > List all those you want to do business with, be specific, identify geographic location, range-type of business, customers you wish to target, and others. > Once the niche is established and it is well-received by the market, do not be tempted to lie down and just watch. Ask yourself these questions, "Who are your target clients?", "Who are not your clients?", "Do you refuse a business outside your niche?", and "What do clients consider you to stand for?" > Determine what you want to sell, stress on the process, what technique you plan to use and note the things you want to do and skills needed in each of them, your niche is based on your interest and experience.

HOW DOES PROFIT MIRACLE WORK. --------------------------------------------------- There is an estimate of 70 members who are fairly new in the affiliate marketing field. Profit Miracle, the newly introduced money making system, insures a market with huge traffic, low competition and heavy profits. Profit miracle takes care of the traffic and provides the articles to be submitted. Many internet marketers make money online by finding a niche which offers to show them some topics of interest that they can choose. By using the Profit Miracle carbon copy, you will never have to work another day job again, no boss, no financial worry and no more broken promises to pay your credits. The function of the Profit Miracle control panel is to help you make as much money online by leveraging the power of billions of hit in cyberspace. Interesting subjects of the niches you can choose from are Family Problems, Pest Control, Women's Health, Men's Health, General Health, Working Online, Home Remedies, Drug Addition, Sexual Diseases, Lottery Secrets, Home Improvement, Love Life, Traveling, Music Entertainment, Self Defense, Money Making Variety, Veterans, Online Video Lessons, Foreign Language, Pet Training and Great Food.

TAKE NOTE OF THE DIFFERENCES IN ITS SALES EFFECTS: --------------------------------------------------- > In the lightning rod effect, your niches start with low income for about a week, then the profits will blow up a week later. For example, week 1 income is low but on week 2, it will rise and rise. > What is happening to your business is not a dream but a reality. Your dreams have come with in modern day and age by combining technology and internet traffic and it's made very simple for you.

WHAT DOES MIRACLE PROFIT GIVE YOU? --------------------------------------------------- > This system offers actual and real profiting campaigns which are in high demand and high traffic niches. > It points out which outlets do not work so you can eliminate it and save your efforts. > It supplies you with a never-ending supply of campaigns that profit using artificial exciting techniques. > It gives you a unique article generator which performs research for you. > It gives you the privilege of never working again or for others in your entire life. > It hands you the resources needed to survive an invulnerable saturated competition.

BENEFITS DERIVED FROM THE PROFIT MIRACLE SYSTEM: --------------------------------------------------- > You pay a one-time only fee to access the system and no more charges will be collected. > When you become an expert, you will make money online the most. > You can easily manipulate the control panel. > You are using all traffic methods that are totally automated. > You make money online faster but with lesser learning and expenses.

GOOD PROFIT MIRACLE ASPECTS: --------------------------------------------------- The money back guarantee insures the quality of their system. Control panels are easy to use and nicely laid out. The videos are easy to follow and directly stated.

THE PROFIT MIRACLE VIDEO COLLECTION HAS: --------------------------------------------------- > SEO Vortex New. > Profit Miracle Campaigns. > Affiliate Marketing Blueprint. > Article submission.

The Profit Miracle system is true to its name, it is a miracle, indeed, for aside from all its money making benefits, it reverses failure into success. The Profit Miracle system is not for people who do not believe in the idea of free traffic and automation. What could be a better way to earn online and putting up a successful online business than Profit Miracle? Utilizing Profit Miracle and various forms of media online and putting in 2 to 3 hours a day can spell out the difference between your success or failure. If you are this type of person, then the Profit Miracle system is not for you.

=========================================================== Want to discover how an internet newbie made $35,867 in his first 14 days? Get these free videos inside this secret link: http://smartt1.pmiracle.hop.clickbank.net

About the Author

Entrepreneur, Health and Fitness Nut, Businessman, Traveler, Family man. http://smartt1.pmiracle.hop.clickbank.net
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10 Nov 2009

I want to change my blog/website into money but how??? Part -1

That question is always show on my mind how???
There are many ways to do this one.
One of the simple one is using the text advertising.

What is In-Text Advertising?
In-Text advertising inserts text link advertisements within the content of your website, usually in the form of double-underline hyperlinks. Upon a hover of the mouse, a floating informational bubble opens with content from an advertiser. If clicked, the visitor is directed to the advertiser’s landing page and you earn advertising revenue; otherwise, when the mouse is moved away from the hyperlink, the bubble disappears.

Why choose In-Text Advertising?
• User triggered, less intrusive advertising that won’t distract from your site’s content
• Highly relevant In-Text ads for your site visitors with record high conversion rates
• Quick and easy installation with no changes to your website

Interested? Just go here : http://www.infolinks.com

Then choose join , fill all the requirement. Just follow the instruction.
After you have finished this register, just login with your id then go to the integration Guide.

Don’t forget to copy the code and paste at your website/blog. You can also choose the color of the advertise text.
after that refresh your blog page, website page, then you will see some text with infolinks.com advertise


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9 Nov 2009

Where’s my blogger RSS FEED????

When I’m try to submit my blog, sometimes the web ask about my feed, my rss , and honestly …. I’m really don’t know where the url was.

Then I’m try to search and I found some information that maybe helpfull

Blogger feed

hope, this info is helpful for you 
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5 Nov 2009

How to get Translate tools at our website

Sometimes we want to get visitor from other country but we don’t know about their language. And because of that making our website is just for visitor from our country or visitor that can speak English.
How about if there was a tool that can help us translate our web language into the visitor language?
Cool isn't it ? !!!

Go here :

After that copy the code then go to your blog layout and paste the code.(blog->layout->addpage element->html/javascript)

:That’s it! Now you will get the translator tools. Even not 100% translate but it was not so bad. I have already try it
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How to make message board at blog

There was some way to make your web/blog get visitors back again. One of them is making a message board at your web/blog.

How? It’s Easy!

Just follow my steps :

2. Choose Sign Up

Don’t forget to fill your website url.
after all data has been input,  click “Create my Cbox” button

3. After that just Log in with your login name
4. You Can choose the “Look &  feel” for choosing the desain , and then go to “Publish!” for getting the code 
5. Paste the Code to your web/ blog
6. If  you want to put at blog like mine , just go to Layout  at your blogspot account
7. Then choose Add a Gadget
Choose the HTML/JAVASCRIPT After that just paste the code from before J
That’s it and now you already have the Shout Box
Congratulation :)

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4 Nov 2009

Online Business Mailing List

Do you want to promote your business or blog or something? there are many ways to promote and one of them is promote by mailing list....

Some of them are :

Indo Internet Marketer
Rahasia Bisnis Online

Tips for join YahooGroups
1. First login to your email account.(use the new email -Recomended)
2.  At join Page , you will see many choices about how you will be reading the post from the milist

a. Individual E-mail: You will get every posting to your inbox
Suggest : dont choose this one for every milist. Just choose 1 that suitable for you, and you want to read every post( if you choose this one , i guarantee you will get full of mail everyday :) )

b. Daily Digest: You will get every email posting in one day but only in 1 email messages ( if you choose this one , it will be quite many mail at your inbox )

c. Special Notices: You will only get email from the milist moderator

d. Web Only: there will be no email at your inbox, you can read the posting from the milist website ( i recomend you to choose this one if you just want to promote)
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